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Listen to a podcast interview I did called: The Widow and the Orphans

Halfway There is a podcast hosted by Eric Nevins. He interviews Christians and talks to them about their faith journeys. The podcast is fascinating, I love hearing stories and how people overcome their struggles and how people live their faith.

I was lucky to be invited to speak with Eric last spring. I just listened to it again today and I wasn’t even embarrassed at hearing my own voice. LOL!

We discussed my life faith’s journey and moving forward even in the very darkest days after losing Eric. I liked being able to discuss the struggles Eric and I overcame like infertility and adopting the kids from Russia. And of course, later my widow's journey.

Some people might think my life has tragedies. I think of them as reasons to grow, be thankful and grateful.

Give it a listen if you want to know more about my journey.

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