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Mother's Day can bowl you right over.

Dear Friends,

Apologies that I didn’t email you sooner, my week got away from me. How are you leading up to Mother’s Day?

If you are not ok, that is totally fine and normal.

It is hard to comprehend Mother’s Day without the one who made you a mother.

And let’s face it, no matter what stage the kids are at, chances are, your best acknowledgment of your best efforts of being a mom came from him, not your kids.

My first Mother’s Day as a widow I hiccup-cried by my pond. Then took a walk around my neighborhood, transitioning to snot-ball crying. I remember because a neighbor pulled up behind me, his big truck making all kinds of diesel noises. I looked over at him and he got so nervous. He did not know how to react. Poor guy. Later he texted me how sorry he was that I was sad and asked what handyman thing he could do for me the following week. Of course, I took him up on that! I had him install a gymnastics ring on a tree for my daughter.

After I was done crying, I went to Target and custom-filled nine gift bags with things for women at a shelter where my friend volunteers. That weekend there were nine women with their kids. I tried to fill the bags with things I would have liked and wanted. I was so very thankful that I’d had Eric spoiling and appreciating me for my efforts at being a mother for the previous eleven years.

I thought giving to someone else would make me feel better. It didn’t.

I have no idea what I did with my kids that day. I am sure they acknowledged me in some way, I just can’t remember. I do know that I went to bed and woke up the next morning grateful it was a new day. Mother’s Day was over.

I hope you are ok. If not, Monday will be better. Do what feels right… cry, go buy yourself something, try to do for someone else. Or just go to bed (but only for one day!).

Would love to hear from you. Email or Facebook.

With love, Lisa



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