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When all else fails, pray.

Dear Friends,

How are all you doing?

What are you struggling with?

What are you praying for?


I had news that my high school son's summer plans have been changed. He struggles in a certain area and this means he is not invited to leadership camp at his military school. Instead, he will be participating in an intensive academic program at home.


This means my London trip is canceled and I have to figure out how to motivate him for learning.


Before I made the three-hour drive to his school last week, I spent some time on my bedroom floor crying and praying. Raising a son continues to be the most challenging part of being a widow.


Over the weekend we both felt like we had been slapped across the face. We reeled from hard decisions, hard conversations, and canceled plans.


With nowhere else to turn, I asked friends to pray for us. Soon a plan emerged for the summer, one which I think will work.


The hardest part of learning that things aren’t going how they are supposed to is that I no longer have a husband for me to go to who loves Liam as much as I do. No one has as much invested if I make the wrong decision.


In my moments of desperation, it dawned on me that I can pray more deliberately. I prayed and prayed and prayed. From prayer came the idea for a one-year prayer intervention. So far, I have twenty friends offering to pray for my son. I will update them each week with a text and a message, a Bible verse, or an update.


I am excited to see how different he will be in a year, even though I know the year will have so many bumps, fears, and much uncertainty.


I have a post about fears on my Facebook page. Comment with your fears.


How can I pray for you?


If you would like to join the year intervention of prayer for Liam, please let me know.


With love,


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